Working towards safe, decent, and affordable housing for all Austinites

Organizing Tenants

We help renters work with their neighbors to tackle collective problems by helping form tenant associations and developing strategies to get repairs and ensure that tenants' rights are respected.

Housing Education

Austinites can make better-informed decisions when they have access to accurate information. We provide know-your-rights trainings to community groups and to tenant associations.

Providing Support

BASTA attorneys provide legal assistance to tenant associations and their members.

 BASTA (noun) 1. A non-profit project committed to helping Austin renters work with their neighbors to ensure that all Austinites have access to safe and affordable housing. Provides a range of services, including supporting the development of tenant associations, assisting groups of tenants in getting their landlords to make repairs, educating Austinites on their repair rights and retaliation protections, and providing legal assistance to tenant associations through strategic guidance and legal counsel.

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